How Much Inventory Should You Stock?

When discussing business tactics with owners and managers of pest management companies, there remains a common theme, “How do I grow my business and do it profitably?” You see there are many forces currently working against the small and mid-sized pest management professional that make it difficult to drive incremental profits, forces like inability to…
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Should I Use Mattress and Box Spring Encasements When Freezing Bed Bugs?

There are many types of remediation techniques for bed bugs. Most commonly, chemicals or heat are used to kill them. Some Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) have now added freezing bed bugs to their arsenal of termination tools. Just like the more commonly used extermination methods, PMPs should always encase the mattress and box springs of…
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Why do I need to use an encasement if heat treatment kills bed bugs?

Encasements are fully zippered protectors for your mattresses and box springs that engulf them on all six sides. They can be used for many things like: guarding against stains and spoilage; keeping out allergens; protecting against dust mites; protecting against pet dander; and, protecting against bed bugs. Encasements are becoming more and more popular among…
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