How to sell encasements on every bed bug job

How to sell encasements on every bed bug job

A recent study conducted by Pest Management Magazine reported that nearly 75% of PMPs surveyed cited an increase in the number of bed bug jobs. Here at CleanBrands, we’ve written several blogs that speak to the growing bed bug landscape. Point blank: bed bugs aren’t going anywhere, and that’s great for bed bug exterminators. But, are you getting the most out of every bed bug job? Let’s talk about the benefit of encasements for your company’s bottom line, and how to sell them.

Stop thinking of encasements as an add-on

As pest professionals, you know better than anyone that encasements alone cannot control a bed bug infestation. While they can certainly help minimize costs and cut down drastically on labor, they don’t kill the bugs. However, they’re a valuable tool that can help reduce the number of callbacks, which is just plain good for your business and your brand. Encasements can also be used whether you choose to treat with chemicals, heat, or freezing techniques; they don’t take away from your work, but rather compliment it regardless of treatment type.  They also make financial sense for your business.

We’ve worked with countless pest control companies over the years, and we find that PMPs have the best success selling encasements when they build them into the pricing of their remediation packages. Not only will there be room for you to profit on the encasements, but your customers will feel like they’re getting something for free. That’s a win-win!

Incentivize the sale

Encasements are effective. They’re a great way to protect the mattress and box spring from being infested, or re-infested with bed bugs, and they make your job easier.

Many of our customers have found that when encasements are installed on bed bug jobs, they can extend the amount of time in which they guarantee their work. For example, we have customers who typically guarantee their bed bug work for 30 days; however, when their customers purchase encasements, they are able to extend their warranty to 90 days. The amount of protection given by our encasements allows for a more comprehensive warranty, which gives peace of mind to their customers.

Sell Preemptively           

Bed bug remediation work is not easy, and it’s not cheap. We understand that when an outbreak occurs, a lot of time, energy, and resources go in to doing the job and making sure it gets done right. This can lead to thousands of dollars in expenses for both you and your customers. Instead of using a solely reactive business model, focus on getting more preemptive business, especially in commercial settings like hotels.

Instead of the labor-intensive remediation, you can move toward routine inspection work. Not only will your job become easier, it will also provide a steady stream of revenue. Educating your customers to encase their mattresses and box springs in advance of an infestation will save you both a significant amount of money in remediation costs, and frees up more money for them to purchase encasements for their entire properties. Their assets will be protected, and you will have a steady flow of revenue from regular inspections.

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