Top 5 Bed Bug Tips for Pest Control Operators – May Edition

One of the busiest times of the year for bed bug treatments is approaching. Whether this means increased business for your pest control company will depend on your firm’s ability to maximize its bed bug treatments’ efficiency. Here are five tips for doing so.

1. Educate your customers

Efficiency is about getting the job done as quickly and effectively as possible. However, many firms overlook this last part, rushing to get through treatments and, as a result, inadequately serving their customers. In a time when attention spans have diminished and people’s lives are as busy as ever, it’s vital for your company to make sure your customers know how and why you’re treating their particular bed bug problem. Otherwise, they will be calling your company with further questions which, while not counted against your treatment’s time, will count against their time.

2. Be thorough

This is straightforward; people are hiring your company for its ability to not only apply the pesticides and other measures needed to eradicate their bed bug problems but to also think of and inspect areas of the home or business they wouldn’t think of themselves.

3. Use rip-proof bed bug mattress encasements

The best pest control firms offer bed bug mattress encasements to their customers. Encasements trap and kill bed bugs and their eggs by cutting them off from food and water, but only if there are no holes for these pests to escape through. Even a tiny tear in the encasement can render it ineffective.

4. Use comfortable encasements

Durability is vital when it comes to encasements, but it means nothing if your customers aren’t comfortable sleeping on the ones your company is providing. Comfortable encasements are breathable, meaning they have a moisture vapor transmission rate of at least 7000 g/m2/24hr and pore sizes that are no more than one micron.

5. Buy encasements directly from a manufacturer that offers single unit orders

If your company purchases its encasements directly from a manufacturer instead of a distributor, it will save approximately 20 to 25 percent on every queen-size. The ability to order single units of encasements should be a prerequisite for any agreement with a manufacturer, as this will prevent you from purchasing more encasements than you need.

Efficiency in bed bug eradication means offering a highly effective and educational treatment that leads to word-of-mouth customers and more revenue. Learn more about how to make better decisions on bed bug encasements by downloading our free guide, “Make More Money With Bed Bug Treatment.”

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