When you encase preemptively, you profit substantially.

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At CleanBrands, our mission is to manufacture the most effective mattress encasements that protect your brand and bottom line against bed bugs without sacrificing comfort and a quality sleep experience. Our products are designed to be an all-in-one solution for bed bugs, spoilage, allergens and breathability. Backed by our patented technology and our commitment to quality, we are the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year no-rip commercial warranty.

CleanRest PRO and Premium encasements are the first and only encasements designed with bed owners’ financial interests in mind. A mattress is designed to last 8-10 years. Unlike other encasements which have a 1-2 year commercial—use warranty, CleanRest PRO and Premium encasements have a 10 year no-rip warranty that outlasts the life of the bedbug and usable life of the mattress—it’s the last encasement you’ll buy for the mattress you're protecting.

Our patented MicronOne technology safeguards against bed bugs and micro toxins, protects your mattress from spills, and promotes a hygienic environment for healthier sleep. CleanRest encasements come in a variety of levels specifically designed to meet your property's needs.

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