MicronOne® Fabric

Healthy, Clean sleep brought to you by MicronOne technology.

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Prescribed by industry experts, CleanRest® encasements and bedding protectors incorporate a variety our patented technologies, including our MicronOne® fabric technology.

MicronOne® is designed to enhance the sleep experience associated with all CleanRest® products. MicronOne® technology focuses on the microscopic fabric pore size, which stops allergens, microtoxins, dust mites, and bed bugs from passing through from the mattress, box spring and pillow, thereby protecting the skin and respiratory system.

MicronOne® fabric technology is the only material that is scientifically proven and independently tested to block out all bed bugs and micro-toxins down to one micron.

Each performance criteria has been rigorously verified by world-class independent laboratory testing. If you have any questions regarding the veracity of the following reports, feel free to contact us for more information.