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CleanRest Pro: Tear Proof. Water Proof. Bed Bug Proof.

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Why Should You Buy Your Next Encasements from CleanBrands?

Pest Management Professionals are a critical element in the preemptive strike. Bed bug populations are geometrically progressing with no end in sight, making infestations at hotels unavoidable. PMPs are vital to rapidly responding, containing and eliminating bed bug infestations. But there is another approach, one where PMPs will continue to play a critical role and that will help hotels prevent significant revenue losses. We’re talking about a preemptive strike against bedbugs.

Preemptively protecting profits isn’t a one person job, it requires hotel owners, PMPs and CleanBrands to work together. Preemptively encasing mattresses and box springs with CleanRest PRO encasements is the first step in a preemptive defense. Continued support from a PMPs is necessary to reduce infestation. PMPs will provide hotel staff with early identification training, effective routine inspection and quick remediation as needed.

Elevate the Conversation with Your Customers!

By teaching the potential customer about the long-term beneifts of Healthy Sleep, your Pest Control Company can:

  • Provide Customers with Helpful Information and education that can improve their health and overall well-being.
  • Increase the Likelihood of Incremental Sales for good reasons, beyond seasonal swings of pest control services.
  • Improve Brand Image and Loyalty with your customers as a local company who truly cares for its clients.

Increase profits and customer satisfaction, choose CleanRest® encasements for your next job

No matter your customers’ budget, CleanBrands has a bed bug solution for you.

  • CleanRest® Simple encasements offer certified bed bug protection designed to be effective against bed bug infestations.
  • CleanRest® PRO encasements are a completely sealed, waterproof product specifically designed for serious, preemptive bed bug protection. Designed to work preemptively before an infestation occurs.
  • CleanRest® PREMIUM encasements are a completely sealed, water-resistant product specifically designed for serious, preemptive bed bug protection, with added luxury due to its MicroLuxe fabric. Designed to work preemptively before an infestation occurs.

All three product types feature our patented Zip-N-Click™ closure system, designed to make installation a foolproof process. Ease your concerns about technician error and increase your customer’s satisfaction. Zip-N-Click™ is the only closure mechanism that can be inspected from a distance without touching or moving the zipper.