Preemptive Benefits

The last encasement you'll buy for the mattress you're protecting.

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CleanRest Preemptive Encasement 10 Year Bed Bug Benefits

  • Denies bed bugs their preferred sanctuary nearest to hotel guests
  • Makes the bugs work harder and travel farther to get to hotel guests
  • Optic/hotel white fabrics aid in early detection by hotel staff
    and/or pest professional
  • Facilitates early remediation of bed bugs further away from hotel guests
  • Routine inspection by hotel staff and pest professionals is strongly recommended

CleanRest Pro Encasement 10 Year Preemptive Mattress Spoilage Protection

  • 100% waterproof feature protects your mattress and investment against spoilage
  • The CleanRest Pro mattress encasement is a mattress cover with bed bug benefits all in one

CleanRest Preemptive Encasement 10 Year Economic Benefits

  • Significantly reduce real property losses
  • Significantly reduce room outages
  • Significantly reduce hotel guest grievance costs
  • Significantly reduce hotel brand, occupancy and revenue losses

CleanRest Preemptive Mattress Encasement Sleep Benefits

  • Cool, soft and breathable sleep surface are undetectable by the luxurious feel and drape complement existing bedding being used
  • Patented MicronOne® fabric creates hygienic, allergen free sleep zone