The hotel industry is a reputation business so what can you do to protect yours?

The hotel industry is a reputation business.  People typically book hotels based on reviews or other forms of word-of-mouth advice. Consequently, as someone who works in hotel management, it’s your job to ensure that your hotel’s reputation is sterling.  This means offering top-notch amenities, quality service, and, most importantly, clean rooms.  Only one thing is worse for a hotel than when people post scathing reviews about its rooms being dirty: when people post reviews alleging that the hotel has a bed bug problem.

While your hotel may constantly be looking for way to expand its facilities and provide more services, you should never lose sight of what is most central to your business, which is the ability to provide patrons with comfortable, clean beds.  Your hotel rooms should be regularly inspected for cleanliness.  This examination should include a thorough search of areas in and around the bed, where bed bugs tend to congregate.  One of the best ways to prevent deep bed bug infestations is to purchase bed bug mattress encasements for your hotel’s beds.  Here are two reasons that bed bug covers can be installed quickly.

  1. If they’re durable, they can be installed tear-free

Your first concern should always be your customers’ well-being, but you are also running a business.  If you can find encasements that are durable and effective, you can minimize the expense of maintaining a bug-free reputation by cutting down both the number of encasements you need and the time it takes to install them.  Finding durable encasements isn’t as easy as it sounds, though.  A number of bed bug mattress encasements are made out of flimsy fabrics that tear easily during the installation process, rendering the product completely futile and causing unnecessary delays.  You need encasements that will last years, not days.  You can assess an encasement’s toughness by looking at the cover’s independent test results.  If the encasement hasn’t been examined by an unbiased source, you should look elsewhere.

  1. Encasements with large, contrasting-colored zippers are easy to spot

Buying encasements with small zippers that are the same color as the fabric is asking for a longer, more expensive installation process and an accidental fabric tear.  The best bed bug covers have large zippers that contrast with the fabric’s color, making them easy to find.   Not only should you buy encasements with these types of zippers, but you should also check to see if the zippers are enclosed by a plastic cover.  This enclosure will reduce the risk of bed bugs escaping the encasement.

Bed bug mattress encasement will help you hotel expedite its room inspections.  Learn more about bed bug encasements by downloading our free guide, “Make More Money with Bed Bug Treatment.”

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